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Meet our latest recruit…

Katy Rutland-Smith, Talent Partner, Invoke

You can expect even more from Invoke, as we take on our latest recruit, Katy. With over seven years’ experience in B2B marketing, she comes armed with all the latest inside insight to help our candidates forge their careers in the industry, and our clients to build the very best teams.

Before we get her cracking on making waves in B2B recruitment, we spent a moment asking her a few important questions that we could share with you, to give you a little insight into just what you can expect when you work with her and us…

What got you into marketing? Did you always want to be a marketer or did it happen by chance?

Although I left university wanting to be part of the seemingly ‘glamorous’ world of marketing, I never anticipated it’d be a B2B role that would kick-start my career. But, upon joining a top 10 B2B agency as a graduate, I quickly realised that, much like B2C, the world of B2B can be just as high profile and the budgets (and pressure!) just as big.

As I took on more responsibility and continued to learn, I was surprised by the sense of opportunity that was ever-present in a thriving agency, with prestigious clients and innovative campaigns at my fingertips. Moving away from the agency world, I look back on my career with a real sense of appreciation for the world of B2B. It gave me the opportunity to develop not only my marketing skills, but also my personality, far quicker and far more thoroughly than many other industries could allow.

What do you love most about the industry?

You get out what you put in: throw yourself at every opportunity, put extra effort into your client relationships and always think of ways to improve the status quo and you’ll quickly become highly regarded in your organisation. Adopt an ‘outcome first’ mindset and maintain focus (your own and your team’s) on that end goal, and the rewards are plentiful; client gratitude, team collaboration, a sense of real achievement and open doors to new opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

What was the most valuable thing you learned from agency life?

Every project, campaign and client assignment is a journey – as an account lead or any part of the agency account team, it’s all about knowing what your destination is, mapping the path and keeping the team on course, enthused and focused along the way.

What strikes you the most about the way the industry is evolving? What’s the biggest change you have seen?

In my seven years of agency life, I’ve seen fads and new buzz words divert a whole marketing team’s attention away from ‘Plan A’. Some last, others fade, but the biggest and most sustained change has been the emergence of digital and content as a significant and integral part of a marketing strategy. Relying on plain and simple outbound comms in the hope that prospects will be caught at the right time with exactly the right proposition isn’t enough anymore – quite frankly our audience is inundated.

It’s now about understanding the audience as individuals, serving them the right content to consume at the right time, and guiding them naturally but clearly through their decision-making process. It’s taken a huge mindset shift for organisations to reverse their usual approach and embrace such a step-change, but those who fail to do so will inevitably fall behind the curve.

What made you switch to marketing recruitment?

Marketing projects, teams and agencies live and die by their people – not just the commitment of their people, but their capabilities too.

Some of my most successful projects have resulted from the right mix of personalities and skills creating incredible outcomes. Seeing someone truly thrive in their niche and contribute to a project in their unique way would give me a greater sense of reward and achievement than any other aspect of my client-facing role, and it’s for that reason that I decided to focus solely on the quest for great talent.

What value are you hoping to bring to job seekers and recruiters alike?

Like Jo and the rest of the Invoke team, my aim is to deliver honesty and empathy for candidates and recruiters alike. Having experienced many an agency scenario, I understand the challenges – understanding that I can use to find that perfect fit that turns ‘good’ into ‘great’.

I know how fantastic it can feel to get the perfect result, a happy client or (even better) a happy team – and it’s for that reason that I’m committed to making the talent quest a successful and positive one.

If you would like to get in touch with Katy, drop her a line at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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