6 things your agency needs to prove to attract top digital marketers

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to speak to really talented digital marketers every day. I am constantly learning about the latest tools and approaches they bring to their agencies – tools and approaches that are helping these agencies differentiate themselves.

I also hear all about why these talented individuals are looking for new jobs – what they love and hate about their current situations, and what they’re looking for from their next employer. And let me tell you – these candidates can afford to be picky. A good digital marketer can receive one or two job offers a month! So it’s prudent for agencies who want to attract top talent to do just that – attract them.

From my conversations with candidates, these 6 things are what they’ll be looking for when evaluating your agency:

1. Proof that your agency is a place where they can learn

Without the assurance that they will grow, a good candidate might worry that they’ll stagnate after a while. You need to show them that you are an agency that is always evolving and learning, and that by joining you, they’ll grow their skills set.

What can you teach a cutting-edge digital marketer? Do you offer training opportunities for different disciplines? Do you offer any formal mentorship programmes within the agency?

2. A clear idea of the new skills and responsibilities they’ll gain

This is similar to the previous point, candidates want to know that they’ll gain new skills, and that those skills will allow them to progress in their careers – hopefully at your agency. A good candidate will soon feel frustrated if they aren’t given greater responsibility or the chance to prove themselves.

Do you have clear ideas of career progression for each discipline? Can a new candidate rest assured that they’ll be challenged and stretched, rather than grow bored?

3. A couple of high-profile accounts to work on

This is a big one. Many of the candidates I speak to want to work on high-profile accounts. They want to connect with industry leaders and innovators, and they want to build their portfolios with innovative work for big companies.

If you have a great client list, make sure you shout about it. Make it visible on your website. Share case studies on social media.

4. A friendly, creative and social atmosphere

Young marketers are a social bunch. Most agencies know this, so they offer great company-building events and perks. Creative events and treats are a fantastic, relatively inexpensive way to keep your employees engaged and happy.

5. A fair salary

As important as company culture is, fair pay is usually the most important factor to a digital marketer. If you really want to attract the best talent, then it follows that you really need to pay them what they are worth. And this is especially true if you want to keep them – regular salary reviews are a must!

6. Proof that joining your agency will boost their reputation

Top-notch clients, a great atmosphere and good pay will all help boost a candidate’s opinion of your agency, but a couple of awards will make it a no-brainer. Awards help candidates see the quality of your work, immediately positioning you above other agencies in your niche/region.

The importance of marketing your agency to future employees

It’s really important to consider recruitment in your marketing strategy. Are you creating content that would attract the kind of employee you are looking for? Consider creating a few personas, refreshing the way you write job specs, creating videos that showcase a day in the life of a typical employee in your agency – tangible things that will help catch the attention of talented potential employees.

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