7 Must-Have B2B Digital Marketing Skills for 2019

The world of B2B marketing evolves rapidly, and job candidates who keep up with the latest trends and technologies enjoy a distinct advantage when it comes to building their careers. While specialising in one area of digital marketing can help you focus your efforts, it’s equally important to have a basic digital marketing skill set. With the inception of account-based marketing, there is now a growing need for marketers who possess a broad range of technical skills. If you’re a marketer seeking a job in the New Year, you’ll want to make sure you have these seven skills on your CV.  

  1. Artificial Intelligence. Right now, more than half of marketers are using AI – and even more are expected to follow in 2019. If candidates want to differentiate themselves, knowledge of AI computing, data analysis and marketing techniques is bound to catch the attention of any B2B firm.  
  2. SEO/SEM. SEO/SEM was listed as one of the most in-demand hard skills of 2018 by LinkedIn. Being able to implement SEO/SEM strategies and analyse data, and then glean actionable insights from that data, is key. Great candidates should know how to research keywords, use Google Analytics, write HTML tags and be up to date on the latest Google algorithm changes. 
  3. Automation Software. Working alongside automation as part of your day to day is now commonplace. It touches every part of a business.  But understanding these tools in depth is really going to help you stand out.  
  4. Understand modern b2b Sales. B2B marketers need to get to grips with their customer’s purchase journey and fast. Candidates that can evidence successful campaigns where they truly understand how to nurture their customers through every stage of the sales funnel will inevitably be more valuable. 
  5. Data Management and Analysis. As we move to more personalized and humanized buyer journeys, companies are increasingly relying on data specialists to understand and interpret complex data and analytics. Whilst you may never aspire to be a data scientist, candidates that can evidence a good understanding around how to implement data driven activities will be in high demand. 
  6. Omnichannel Marketing. Having the ability to create and successfully execute omnichannel marketing campaigns is a must. A brand’s voice and image should be seamless across all platforms, and today’s job candidates need to demonstrate an ability to understand how the whole story fits together.
  7. Digital Brand Management. Brands are starting to realize that they can’t always control where and how they’re represented online.  For that reason, they’re starting to hire people who have a deeper understanding of digital brand management that goes beyond social media strategy. Marketers who can investigate new digital opportunities as well as organise a company’s digital brand assets and digital information in order to drive strategy will have a competitive edge.

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