In 2019, Marketing Teams Need to Restructure

With the influence of innovative technologies and ever-evolving trends, 2019 is expected to bring a lot of changes to the world of digital marketing. Now’s the time for marketing directors to evaluate their teams and see what, if any, changes need to be made in order to set themselves up for success in the new year. While we can’t predict the future with any degree of certainty, we can guess at what’s to come—and how marketing directors can map out their teams and delineate resources to prepare.  

Recruiting Key Skills 

There will be many new platforms and technologies introduced in 2019, but most marketing professionals agree that artificial intelligence, or AI, is one to watch. Not only is voice search becoming more advanced, but consumers are more eagerly embracing AI assistants. Luckily, AI presents many opportunities for B2B marketers to create more personalised content, explore predictive analytics, integrate blockchain marketing and more. 

With that in mind, there are some essential hard and soft skills to have on your team moving forward. One of the most important will be omnichannel marketing experience. As consumers continue to interact with brands on various platforms, it’ll be vital to tighten your strategy and present an integrated buying experience across all engagement touch points. 

In addition to omnichannel or multichannel expertise, Sophie Vu, CMO of mobile marketing platform, Vibes, also suggests, “The optimal team member will understand the nuances of email marketing and SMS and can optimise the number of messages per day a customer receives from a brand to achieve the most impactful result.”

Other skills employers should focus on include expertise with automation software, SEO/SEM, content marketing and data analytics. Marketing departments will need to be flexible in the wake of evolving technology and should hire people who possess as many of these key skills as possible. But, in some instances, specialists may still be necessary. 

Making Room for New Roles

If your marketing team doesn’t already have a content specialist, a digital knowledge manager and a data analyst, it might be a good idea to get them. Andrew Goldman, the Senior Director of B2B Content Marketing at TIAA Financial Services, told LinkedIn his prediction for 2019: “Organizations, particularly in B2B, are really going to commit to having content marketing as a center of excellence.” That’s because great content can help drive conversions, boost brand credibility and develop relationships with customers, among many other benefits.

And, as the demand for marketers to create compelling, personalised content increases, these roles will be vital for 2019. In order to build personalised content, you’ll need people to collect data, interpret data, build metrics and use that information to create successful campaigns. 

Invoke Recruitment Can Help Build Out Your Team

Invoke Recruitment specialises in connecting B2B technology marketing firms in the UK and Europe with marketing professionals. As you evaluate your current team, we can help you fill in any gaps and hire people with the right skills needed to compete in the future world of B2B marketing. For more information, contact us today. 

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