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The Business of You 

An Introduction from Jo Wassell, Managing Director, Invoke Recruitment

When I started out in marketing (a few plus years ago) I was a keen marketing professional, eager to learn the ropes in any area I could.  The onslaught of digital marketing hadn't become so apparent at that point, the gig economy didn't exist and 9-5 permanent roles were the norm.


Take control and learn to behave like the CEO of your career.


Armed with a BA Hons in Latin American Studies from University, my first step on the career ladder was still a mystery to me.  I concluded that I needed a career path.   I was interested in the psychology of human behaviour so marketing seemed an obvious starting point.  I was just keen to get on the career ladder and start making money and building my experience as soon as I could.  Potential roles cropped up regularly across varying sectors, but I was mainly driven by financial incentives and did not think too far ahead envisaging where I wanted to be in a few years time.

Fast forward a few years and I run a successful B2B Marketing and Headhunting Consultancy, Invoke Recruitment  Things have worked out brilliantly.  I love the clients I work with, helping them find the best talent; I get a real kick out of helping candidates build their dream career and I have the flexibility to manage my own work life balance as I see fit. 

However, this was not the destination I'd imagined when I left University all those years ago, nor could I have predicted the segue from marketing to recruitment.  So how did I end up here?


Learn to think differently about your career.  Build a career and lifestyle that reflects your personal life objectives.  


I took the decision during the formative years of my marketing career to start thinking differently about my career strategy.  As I gathered experience, my passions began to emerge, and rather than chase the next pay cheque, I took the decision to treat my career like a business.  I needed a strategy that was in line with my personal and business motivations, objectives that would help me get there and an open mind and 'give it a go' attitude to allow me to take advantage of every relevant opportunity that came my way.

What has struck me since setting up Invoke in 2015 is when I speak to candidates in the formative years of their marketing careers, only around 15% of them have a clear idea of where they're headed.  They treat their career like a business, strategise, focus and develop.  You won't find a successful business on the planet that hasn't planned for the short and long term, consistently implemented and demonstrated the agility to change with the times.


Become a sought after, highly valued candidate that doesn't need to look for the great roles, because the great roles come looking for you.


Those are the candidates who make marketing director before they're 30; the candidates who win awards for their innovation and creativity on client campaigns; and those who become a brand name in their own field.  Sought after, highly valued candidates that don't need to look for the great roles, because the great roles come looking for them. 

So this is why I've developed 'The Business of You'.  A toolkit for the modern age of marketing careers.  Aimed at those who've thrived in the first three or four years, but realise it's time for a change.  It's time to take control and start behaving like the CEO of your own career. 

The Business of You.

Our quest is to find the very best of the best talent. That one person that could make a real difference to a team.

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